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Are you ready to make a change? Is your lease ending? Did you know you have many options when it comes to turning in your lease with Toyota Santa Maria? We make it easy! Whether you want to turn-in early, extend it, or simply upgrade to a new Toyota we have you covered.  Find an option that suits you best, by learning more below:
Toyota Santa Maria's Lease-End Options:

Buy It

Love your car but want it certified? No problem, you can buy your lease and we will have the vehicle certified.

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Turn It In

If you're at the end of your lease, simply turn it back in to us. Contact us to get started, it's that simple.

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Upgrade It

Upgrade to a new Toyota, or a newer pre-owned vehicle with us. We have a vast selection to choose from.


Extend It

Need to extend your lease for a bit before you decide your next move? We can guide you with next steps.

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