Get Safety and Reliability with the Toyota Corolla

Drivers in Santa Maria want a stylish and reliable vehicle. The Toyota Corolla is a popular compact sedan. The vehicle has several standard safety features. Whether you will be driving your car in the rural countryside or on the crowded city streets, these important safety features can help you avoid many dangerous situations.

Underinflated tires are a safety hazard. A blowout can occur on a busy street, and the driver might lose control of the vehicle. The tire pressure monitor system is a standard feature. The system will alert you of any important changes.

In addition to the tire monitoring system, eight airbags are a standard feature in the Corolla. At Toyota of Santa Maria, we know you want airbags for all of your passengers. The front of the vehicle is equipped with an Advanced Airbag System. The Toyota Corolla also has front and rear side curtain airbags, seat-mounted side airbags and a passenger seat-cushion airbag.

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