Typical Signs of a Failing Car Gasket

Issues with a car's gasket isn't widely talked about, but it's just as important as any other part in your car. The importance of a gasket can't be over-stated, but the signs of a failing gasket can be easily overlooked.

The purpose of a gasket is to maintain a bond between two other parts. Gaskets come generally in metal, normally steel, but can also come in rubber or copper. When there are disintegration issues with a gasket, the common signs are a bubbling or gurgling sound coming from the radiator, white-looking smoke out of the exhaust, coolant that's been contaminated with oil, or low cylinder compression, to name a few.

Gaskets do go bad eventually, and when left unchecked, will lead to bad, bad damage overtime. We at Toyota of Santa Maria can help you with any gasket problems or concerns you may have. Visit us in Santa Maria, CA.

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